logoA Library for GNOME Single-Instance Applications
Lithuanian Mieli skaitytojai!
Šis projektas yra daugiau techninio pobūdžio, ir atsiprašome, jog informacija yra pateikiama tik anglų kalba. Informacijos apie GNOME projektą lietuvių kalba galite rasti www.gnome.lt.
Project information
This library is a part of Google Summer of Code 2006 project. You can find project details on GNOME Live, http://live.gnome.org/SingleInstanceApps.
Source code repository
You can obtain a branch of the source code tree using Bazaar-NG distributed version control system.
For GUniqueApp use:
bzr branch http://guniqueapp.akl.lt/bzr/guniqueapp
To build code on your machine, you may need to rerun:
aclocal && autoheader && automake --add-missing && autoconf
Then just use:
In order to merge changes from upstream, use:
bzr merge
More instructions on working with Bazaar-NG can be found on the official website.
GUniqueApp requires patched GTK to build correctly. You can download patches from here.
Released files
You can download released files from here. Please note that tarballs may be out of date, and you can always find the latest code in the bzr repository.